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Florida High School False Flag Shooting: More Updates - This Was Definitely A False Flag AND A Psy-Ops!

The "shooting" at that high school in Florida now two days ago was definitely one of THE WORST Psy-Ops and false flag operation that we have seen in the United States in recent memory...This one is so bad that it has given the fraud at Sandy Hook on December 14th, 2012 a good run for the money as being so ridiculous and so laughable... BUT even as the evidence continues to pile on about how that "shooting" at that Parkland High School was so atrociously bad and was a very poorly run operation by criminals, we have the Jew spew media still going absolutely bonkers with their continuing almost round the clock reporting on this fraud to the gullible American people.... It is so disgusting to see that we have some 95% or more of the American citizens falling for this one and actually believing it to be real...

I have been surfing around the internet these last few days watching some of the videos and observing how others in the real truth movement have been reacting to this latest fraud shooting... And at least a few have put up some very excellent articles at their own blogs, and I want to share some of those articles here for all to see for themselves and to give those other bloggers the credit they deserve for coming forward and telling the real truth about this "shooting"....

First, I want to present the link to a great article that comes from "Birth Of A New Earth" at, where the author has taken the time to put together some most interesting facts and some videos that cover this fraud shooting very nicely... Here is the link to that article here for everyone to view for themselves:

OK,  "Birth Of A New Earth" has indeed brought forward a few interesting facts that I was only made aware of myself over these last few days... One is of course the news article posts that are definitely time stamped days BEFORE the actual "event" took place!  We of course saw this several times before, including at the San Bernardino false flag attack a few years back, and especially at the fraud "Sandy Hook shooting" as well.... These time stamps do prove once again how the Jew spew media was indeed in on this fraud "shooting" like so many before it....

And of course, a great fellow truth seeker from the US, Greg Bacon, who of course writes "Goon Squad" ( wrote an article about this fraud shooting the other day, where apparently the criminals at the bullshit and totally Jew run "ADL" are doing their best to try to cover for the patsy of this latest "shooting", Nikolas Cruz, by trying to prevent the public from seeing that this 'Cruz' character himself is most probably a Jew.....And they are also trying to minimize all of the damage caused due to the initial reports that first surfaced about this "Cruz" character as being a member of a "white nationalist" organization... Here is the link to Greg's article here:

Yes, the Jewish criminals behind this latest fraud "shooting" for their gun control agenda blew it big time by selecting this "Cruz" character to take the fall for this latest fraud... They blew it big time  with this "19 year old" shooter as their choice without even realizing that "Cruz" is very much a Jewish name!

And just the other night, Charles Giuliani did his nighttime show on Renegade Broadcasting, and the first hour and a quarter of that two hour show presented some great details on this fraud as well...Here is the link to that Renegade Broadcast from their show archives here for all to listen for themselves:

And yes, that was indeed yours truly that called in after the first hour of this broadcast to give a few thoughts of my own on this fraud...  Charles Giuliani once again does a superb show and shows the facts by telling it exactly like it is with this latest fraud shooting..

Well, there you have it for the moment... There is still so much more that we are not being told about this latest fraud shooting.. But one thing that I can state as most probably fact:  Nikolas Cruz is innocent of this "shooting" and most probably was the mind controlled drugged up "patsy" to take the fall for this "shooting" ... BUT one thing that the criminals did NOT count on with this one is the fact that Cruz himself is still alive, but apparently is so doped up on psychotropic medication and other chemicals provided by the real criminals behind this "shooting" that by the time he does get into a "trial" for his "guilt", his mind will be destroyed and he will be a blithering idiot...

I for one am deeply ashamed of the American public ( and a lot of the Canadian public as well..) for falling for this one.... This was a set up from the word "go" and definitely was another piss poor operation that incorporated so many stupid 'crisis actors' that blew their lines for the liars in the media that it has now become a circus show..... And yet the people are now so brainwashed by the media lies that they fall for this one?   My, how our society has indeed fallen to the point that the monsters behind these fake shootings can get away with almost anything that they pull...

I will continue with more updates when they become available on this fraud.... There is still so much else going on elsewhere in the world, but at the moment the focus is definitely on exposing this fiasco and getting the American public to wake the fuck up before the criminals do try to impose their "gun control agenda"....

One last note... I am now definitely leaning towards the idea that nobody died at this fraud "shooting".... This one is turning out as bad as the phoney "Sandy Hook mass shooting" where NOBODY died, and there is indeed strong evidence coming out now that the "17 people that died" at this one may indeed be a massive lie and fraud as well....  I am continuing to pour over the evidence that I find before I can come to that conclusion.....As I said before, the criminals behind these pay-ops do periodically need to have some people murdered at these fakes (such as the Las Vegas shooting) part of their fear propaganda on the general public, and therefore to call ALL "mass shootings" entirely fake is absolutely wrong...

More to come


*One update, February 16th, 2018:  Another of my fellow real truth seekers, Buelahman, over at
"Buelahman's Revolt" ( calls into question the antics of the Florida "Sheriff" that of course is the head sheriff of the Florida county that this Parkland high school is located, and lo and behold his name is "Scott ISRAEL" AND is absolutely Jewish as well!  Here is the link to Buelahman's article here:

Honestly, what are the "odds" that we have a Jewish sheriff in charge of the county that this high school is located in???  And of course this man has been put in charge of the "investigation" of this "mass shooting"... I am sure that we can all rest assure and all sleep soundly knowing that what this "Scott Israel" character reports and puts up as the "official story" will be truthful,  impartial, and honest, right?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Florida High School False Flag Shooting: According To Students There, There Were Multiple Shooters Involved!

I just turned on the Jew spew media this morning to see what they were reporting on this latest "mass shooting" in Florida, and what I found was indeed giving me indications that the American public is being lied to once again about this incident... For instance, the Jew spew media is absolutely going "hog wild" with endless reports on this incident and are doing their damn worst to make this "Nikolas Cruz" out to be a psychopath....

Heck, we even find over "social media" report after report that Nikolas Cruz was all over the internet with pages and pages that he supposedly wrote himself talking about how he was going to shoot up that school.... To me this is an indication that someone is absolutely desperate to make him out to be the "lone gunman" (Shades of Sandy Hook and how they created the phoney "Adam Lanza" as the lone gunman for that fraud..).... I therefore have some serious red flags about this latest shooting, and see it indeed as another "false flag" operation...

But something I found today should have everyone raising their own red flags... For according to the following link to a report from the "Information Liberation" website at, apparently there absolutely had to be more than this "lone gunman" Nikolas Cruz, for at least ONE student has come forward stating that she talked to the supposed "gunman" himself, after the first shots were supposedly fired!  Here is that link:

OK, This does indeed raise a serious red flag and should have everyone going "Hmmmmm..."... And apparently this latest "mass shooting" is indeed NOT as it seems or what the Jew spew media is trying to spoon feed to the gullible American people!

And WHY am I not shocked at all that the lying sacks of shit at the Jew spew media has not even bothered to interview that young lady as shown in the video at that link?   Apparently those criminals are once again running with their preset agenda trying to sell the general public on the lie that this "Nikolas Cruz" is a "crazed lone gunman" and that he alone did the deed!

A follower of this blog who puts up comments to me, "Wallflower", has also came forward saying that there may be NO victims at all at this latest false flag, much like Sandy Hook.... I looked over the material he presented, and he sent me a link to a report from Sputnik News that covers how the US "SWAT" team was on site to "take down the gunman" :  Here is that link:

Wallflower called my attention to the end of that video, where a SWAT team member demands that ALL students put away their cell phones!  Forcing the students to put away their smartphones is another red flag, for the criminals do not want the students to take photos or videos with their smartphones that may blow open the false flag operation.

OK, I do appreciate Wallflower's comment, but I am still not sold on NO ONE killed at this "false flag" operation... I still have the strong indications that they did kill some students... BUT I am a seeker of the truth, and if I do find the evidence that this one is as phoney as other previous false flags and that NOBODY died at this one, I will bring it forward here...

And in fact I did find one other piece of peculiar information that should in fact call this entire incident into question... For according to the following report, the Attorney General of the state of Florida has come out and quite unexpectedly declared that the state will pay the "funeral expenses for the victims of this shooting".. Here is the link to THAT report here:

OK, Does anyone else have a problem with this?  WHY would the state want to cover all of the funeral expenses for the victims of this latest "mass shooting"?  We did not see the state of Nevada come out and cover for the funeral expenses of the Las Vegas Shooting!  And the state of Connecticut did not cover for the fraud "shooting" at Sandy Hook as well... This is another of those red flags that should have everyone going "Hmmmmm...."  It is apparent the state of Florida is desperate to control even the funerals to make sure the general public believes the "official story" of this shooting!

And about the school and the possibility of this being a set up?... I found this most interesting report from the Intellihub website, at,where students are coming forward and stating that the US "Secret Service" and other government agents were present at THAT high school weeks before this "mass shooting" and altered "school security policy".... This one is indeed a massive red flag, and here is the link to that report here:

Well, There you have it so far... The more I am digging into this false flag, the more I see this thing absolutely stinking to high heaven...   I thought after 5 years of trying to sell the Sandy Hook bullshit to people, these criminals would have honed their skills by now and would have created a credible "false flag" event to sell to the public as being "real"... But apparently they are still as dumb as ever and as time goes by we can now see that this was indeed just another "staged event"......

I will keep on this story as more evidence comes forward... I again want to call on readers to present any more new evidence that they come across and are willing to send that information my way.... Stay tuned, everyone...

* Another update... This one from Jim Stone's website, at, where Jim himself is calling this thing a psy-op and absolutely 100% bullshit... Here is that article from Jim for all to see here:


A guy named Gandalf is doing repeat posts of the following video to Youtube to keep it from vanishing, yes, youtube kills it and it "magically re appears". I found this re post when it was 3 minutes old and it had five views, by the time it finished playing and I hit reload it had 83 views. So people know about this, and it is getting censored.

My comment: The girl is ditzy at this point and did not figure out that if Cruz did the shooting, he should have had guns. So you have to look past her blindness and figure it out.
Right click the picture to save the video, double click to play. This has been compressed down to less than a megabyte and is in 3gp format, which plays on phones, Knoppix, and usually in Windows.


After this little tidbit of info, I need not say more. Florida was done by Soros/CIA/whoever, to put a shooting on Valentines day, to embed it in the public concience like 911.
Supposedly Cruz did this with an assault rifle. Howd he hide that from her when she was walking beside him? That kills the second shooter angle of this!!! This was so damning I knew it would be deleted, so I am going to serve it from here and deal with whatever bandwidth issues happen.
The following video comes in as a highly compressed but perfectly usable 3gp. This will play on phones and usually on windows and always on Knoppix. Right click it to save, double click it to play.Nicholas cruz did not do the shooting and a bumbling media blew the whole psy op clean open

"She said, Hey I just heard shots fired, I'm surprised it's not you. Just kidding. And then he had this reaction like "what?"


Here's a social media comment on this video - PRICELESS:



NTS Notes:  Jim is showing the exact video that I have in the article above through that link showing how the students are saying that there was more than one shooter and that this "Nikolas Cruz" character could NOT have done the shooting himself!

Basically, it does appear that what we have been spoon fed by the Jew spew media on this one is pure one hundred percent bull crap and nothing more than the media once again lying their fucking asses off....

I do hope that people wake up and see that once again the criminals are at it again with their phoney "mass shootings" to scare the crap out of people.... Until people wake the hell up, they will continue with this bullshit...

*Here is the :"Youtube" video of this lady stating that she met up with the alleged "shooter" in the hallway:

More to come


Florida High School False Flag Shooting: What We Have So Far On This Latest Incident

Everyone by now is fully aware of the latest "mass shooting" that just took place at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.... Every report coming out of the Jew spew media has this one once again being done by a "lone gunman", a 19 year old former student of that high school by the name of Nikolas Cruz.....The details that we are getting so far is that some 17 students have been killed in this latest "mass shooting" incident, with many others injured..... And of course here I am being my usual skeptical self and smelling a huge rat with this one....

First, I will state clearly that even though this one does stink to high heaven, there were definitely high school students murdered in this incident.... I have said before that ever so often the criminals behind these atrocities do absolutely need to have people murdered to push their agenda of fear propaganda in the general public and of course to push for the taking away of guns from the American public to make the public helpless to their continuing evil ways.... This incident in Parkland fits the bill nicely indeed for these criminals...

But of course we have so many questions that have to be answered about this "mass shooting" and I have been pouring over the news last night from both the Jew spew media and the alternative media to get some real facts behind this attack.... And I want to start off here by presenting some decent information that has been gathered by a great real truth seeker, "Aangirfan" who of course writes his blog over at His article is entitled: "Florida School False Flag" and I have it right here for all to see for themselves... I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, like Sandy Hook.

On 14 February 2018, there was a 'false flag' shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in the Miami metropolitan area.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed that 17 people had been killed


A number of students said they heard the fire alarm right before the first shots were fired and many were in the process of evacuating.

There had been practice drills.
The school had already had a fire drill earlier that day, leaving many of the students confused. 


The shooter  was wearing a gas mask


Chabad rabbis associated with the school coordinated an evening of prayer, consolation and memorial.[19]

Cruz, the suspect.

The 'mind-controlled patsy' is 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz.

Cruz was arrested about and hour after the shooting first broke out when police cornered him in a nearby neighborhood.

As a high school freshman, Cruz was part of the US military-sponsored Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corp program at the school.

Cruz was adopted as an infant and raised by Roger and Lynda Cruz

Cruz had been getting treatment at a mental health clinic for a while.

Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz.


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Alexa Miednik told a reporter she thinks there "definitely had to be two shooters involved" because she spoke with suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz shortly after shots were fired from another part of the school.

She says she did not see him with a gun as they spoke.

Student: There 'Had To Be Two Shool shooters

Alexa Miednik

"Alexa claims her class was rushing out of the school when she saw  Cruz, 19, after hearing gunshots, and she joked that she thought he would have been the gunman.

"Alexa said: 'I kind of joked to him about it and said I’m surprised you weren't the one who did it.'

"She added: 'He just gave me a, 'huh?'"

Florida school shooting suspect .

 Alexa Miednik. Lives in Skippack, Pennsylvania. She is married.

The idea behind false flag attacks is to get people scared.




NTS Notes: Two initial big questions do come to my thoughts in this one:

First, Was there a "mass shooting drill" performed at this High School sometime within the last few months?   We have seen such a drill happen again and again in previous "mass shootings" which gave evidence of a set up and indeed a "false flag"..

And second, Why has the Jew spew media climbed on board once again to the "lone gunman" idea of this shooting when many students clearly indicated that there was more than one shooter at this incident?   If this does prove to be true, then we definitely have ourselves another operation here...

There is of course so much more than meets the eye with this one.. But again, I will not accept the idea that "nobody died" at this latest incident.... The perpetrators of these false flags absolutely do need to have deaths at these operations periodically to strike fear in the general public to further their agendas...

I will bring further reports about this attack when they do come forward, so stay tuned...

More to come


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day (Or Should It Be "Palestine" Day?)

Yes, today is "Valentine's Day" and a day for everyone to celebrate the true meaning of love and happiness....

I first want to express my feelings for the woman, aka my "better half" that has put up with me all these years and continues to do so.... Considering what a "radical thinker" and a "conspiracy theorist" that I have been called all these years, I wonder why she stays with a "nutcase" like me?

But of course on this Valentine's Day, I cannot forget the proud people of Palestine that are still suffering greatly at the hands of the psychotic Jewish pricks that are still hell bent on seeing them all slaughtered so that they can have Palestine all for their greedy selves.... And I caught today a most interesting image from the Desert Peace website, at, that speaks volumes for those in Palestine that are indeed suffering... Here is that image:


Or …. Happy Palestine Day

NTS Notes: A great image indeed.... I hope that everyone does share the love and that their hearts do go out for the Palestinian people... They deserve so much better than what they having to put up on a daily basis..

More to come


Imagine A World Without Israel

I am indeed doing some catching up as usual.... I have been watching the reports come in via websites such as Southfront ( about the ongoing situation in Syria, and especially how the psychotic state of Israel is ramping up its lust for a new war against not only Syria but against Lebanon and IRAN as well... It is so disgusting to see how these bastards are absolutely pushing the envelope and may indeed have the entire planet into a World War III just for their want for power and territory!

Which brings me to this subject, and one that I have long contemplated over the years... What would the world be like without the psychotic state of Israel doing its horrendous damage against all humanity?  And to answer that question, I want to present the following article, via the "There Are No Sunglasses" website, at, that was actually issued some 9+ years ago that gives a most interesting list of what the world would actually be like if Israel did NOT exist... The article is entitled: "Imagine A World Without Israel" and I have it right here for all to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Imagine a World without Israel…

Imagine a World without Israel…

William Hughes

“Imagine there’s no countries…Nothing to live or die for…Imagine all the people living life in peace.” – John Lennon

Thanks mostly to U.S. President Harry S. Truman and his “susceptibility to Zionist influence,” Israel came into existence in 1948. (1) Humanity, and in particular, the Palestinians, have paid dearly for his decision. The land on which the Palestinians had been living for centuries, in peace, with a minority Jewish population, has been gradually transformed into an Apartheid state by the machinations of the Zionist Movement. That Apartheid state, in turn, is today dominated by Israel’s Death-Mayhem-and- Occupation Machine. (2)
One wonders: What would the world look like today, if the state of Israel had not been created in 1948? Its improvident formation seems to have set in motion a chain of events, mostly negative, in the affairs of Mankind. In the movie, “Click,” the lead character finds a “universal remote” that allows him to rewind to different parts of his life and to change what had happened. If I possessed such a “universal remote” and could stop President Truman from aiding and abetting the establishment of an Israeli state, then, it is my speculation, (a theory), that the following 25 propositions would probably be our present day reality. They are:
1. The U.S. would not have any enemies in the Islamic World.
2. There would be no Al-Qaeda Terrorist Network.
3. Gasoline would be selling for less than $1 a gallon.
4. There would have been no 9/11.
5. There would be no USA Patriot Law.
6. There would be no Homeland Security Agency.
7. The Israeli Lobby’s “unmatched power” over the U.S.’ foreign policy, for over four decades, would not had existed. (Its support for the Iraqi War was deemed by the experts to be “critical.”) (3)
8. There would also not have been any Neocon ideologues; like Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Richard Perle, et al, to help, (along with other “Special Interests”), to push the U.S. into an illegal war with Iraq. (4)
9. Iran would not be the next target for U.S. aggression. (No Israel. No “A Clean Break” document. No Israeli Lobby. No Neocons. No need for the U.S. to attack Iran.) (5)
10. The Zionist fink, Jonathan Pollard, wouldn’t be in prison for stealing U.S. military secrets and hawking them to Israel.
11. The three million-plus Palestinians, who were forcefully dispersed from their homeland, since 1948, by the Israeli Occupation Forces, (IOF), would, instead, be living happily there today, in a free and independent state of Palestine. There would be no Apartheid Wall, or as a corollary, a Hamas organization. (6)
12. Jerusalem would have a vibrant Christian population. (7)
13. Rachel Corrie of Olympia, WA, would be alive and well. (8)
14. The 2,544 Americans who have died in Iraq would be alive; and the 18,777, who have been seriously wounded there, would be fully participating in our Republic. U.S. taxpayers would have an additional $295 billion, (the cost of the war), in the treasury to use to serve the social needs of the people. Universal Health Care would be a real possibility and Social Security would not be in jeopardy. Iraq would be at peace. There would be no Gitmo Bay detention center, or an Abu Ghraib Prison, or a reason for the Bush-Cheney Gang to gut Habeas Corpus. No need for it to also employ torturers, or chemical weapons, or hold detainees without charges or trial. The Geneva Convention would be respected. The tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, who have died as a result of the war, would instead be alive today. (At the following footnote, see horrific photos of some of the Iraqi dead.) (9)
15. The battle to save our planet, its fragile ecosystem, its fast vanishing animal life and plants and to combat global warming, would be issue “No. 1.” (10) Instead, we are perpetually bombarded with propaganda about defending “Israel’s security.”
16. If there was no Israel, then the “five dancing Israelis” on 9/11 wouldn’t have been arrested. They were nailed after “celebrating” in NJ, while watching the Twin Towers collapsed. (11)
17. U.S. taxpayers would be $140 billion richer! This is the staggering amount they have shelled out over the last 58 years to support the ultra-greedy interests of the Zionist Cartel. (3)
18. The 34 Americans onboard the USS Liberty, who were slaughtered by the IOF, on June 8, 1967, would be alive today; and the 174 others who had suffered injuries that day would not have had to endure their horrific experiences. The shame the U.S. carries for not having quickly defended the men of the Liberty, and retaliated against the Israelis for their deliberate attack on the vessel, would have been avoided. (12)
19. On June 13, 2006, the IOF killed ten Palestinians, including three medical workers and two children, in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, labeled the missile attack an example of “state terrorism.” Only God knows how many Palestinians the Israelis have actually wasted since 1948; or exactly how many refugees it has created, or how many homes, a la Oliver Cromwell, the IOF have demolished. None of this would have been possible without the dubious “state of Israel.” (13)
20. Paul Bremer, a coat holder for Henry “Iago” Kissinger, would have never been appointed Viceroy for an Occupied Iraq. No Israel. No Iraqi War. No Zionist Bremer as Viceroy of Iraq. (14)
21. One of the reasons the Warren Commission failed to properly investigate the murder of JFK was because of Arlen Specter (R-PA), a card carrying Zionist. He was then a “Special Counsel” to the Commission. He concocted the preposterous “Magic Bullet” theory, which shut down any real conspiracy-type probe. It is also interesting to note, that Jacob Rubenstein, aka, “Jack Ruby,” Lee Harvey Oswald’s murderer, had close ties to Meyer Lansky’s National Crime Syndicate. I believe the answer to who really plotted JFK’s killing, died with Oswald. In any event after JFK’s death, Israel’s nuclear weapons program, which he had opposed went ahead. U.S. aid to Israel also increased dramatically. (15)
22. There would have been no reason for a French Ambassador to refer to Israel as “that shitty little country.” (16) In fact, the Jews of the world would have been liberated to fulfill their deepest spiritual quest, as embodied in their religion – Judaism. According to the highly respected Orthodox Rabbi, Dovid Yisroel Weiss, “Zionism has hijacked Judaism.” The courageous Rabbi insists that, “Zionism creates anti-Semitism…And we know…Zionism is the root cause for the pain, suffering and bloodshed of the Jewish people…and, they, (the Zionists), are the greatest factory of anti-Semitism worldwide…Judaism and Zionism is not one and the same. They are diametrically opposite…We should not be mistaken one for the other. And, we shouldn’t be responsible for the actions of what the Zionists do…Now, another of the problems that emanate actually from the Zionist Movement is the fact that they are encroaching upon the rights of the Palestinian people, the indigenous people, who are living there. And, this is terribly wrong. It is against every concept of the Torah…So, whatever they are doing is totally wrong!” (17)
23. Thousands of Israelis have died attempting to build a nation in a land, Palestine, which belonged to another people, the Palestinians. Their deaths would have been avoided. (18)
24. The widespread spying on Americans, without a court order, by operatives of the Bush-Cheney Gang, would have never happened. (No Israel. No 9/11. No spying on U.S. citizens.)
25. On April 4, 2003, a European Union (EU) poll named Israel as the “greatest threat to world peace.” (19) On June 27, 2006, the IOF proved the EU right by reoccupying Gaza, savagely terrorizing the civilian population, blowing up their electric/water generating facilities, conducting a mass arrest of their elected officials, and also, without just cause, provoking the Syrians. In response to the repeated shelling by the IOF of Gaza, Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, wisecracked, “Nobody dies from being uncomfortable!” When he addressed a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress, on May 24, 2006, Olmert received 38 breaks of applause and 18 standing ovations from that entity of mostly lapdogs. This is also the same Israeli leader, who, paraphrasing George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” said that he had a “deep regret” about the effects of some IOF’s operations which had killed 14 innocent Palestinians in just nine days, but that the lives of Israeli citizens were “even more important.”(20) Finally, if there wasn’t a Zionist-created Israel, there also wouldn’t be any need for a commentary like this one!
5. Chalmer Johnson’s “Sorrows of Empire.”
15. Peter Dale Scott’s “Deep Politics and the Death of JFK” and Stephen Green’s “Taking Sides: America’s Secret Relationship with a Militant Israel.”
20. Ravi Nessman’s “Israel Steps Up Offensive,” AP, 07/03/06; Boston Globe’s “Agony of Gaza,” 07/07/06; and

NTS Notes:  There is so much more that can be added to this list since it first came out in 2008... We could include "There would have been no brutal attacks against Gaza that have been continuing to this date" as one prime example and a continuation of point #25....

And I can add another few points that there would be no present and most brutal war against Syria that is still ongoing if Israel did not exist.... That war is absolutely for nothing more than Israel's sick and twisted scheme of their "Greater Israel project" that calls for territorial expansion into present day Syria... And of course we would not have the ongoing threat of war against Iran that could indeed plunge the planet into a global bloodbath..

I will leave it up to readers to put up their comments about this article and to provide extra points that can be added to this list...

Again, now almost 10 years after this article was presented, the planet still suffers from that Jewish "entity" that absolutely should NOT exist..... And again our nations' governments absolutely condone this madness as they are absolutely almost 100% controlled by these Jewish bastards that command full subservience first and foremost to that evil entity that has stolen land in Palestine...

More to come


Real History Revealed: Remembering The Horror Of The Dresden Firebombing In World War II - Honoring The Victims Of That Atrocity!

* One quick note.. I took yesterday as another of those "me days" to go and get a lot of personal and family business done... I therefore as usual have some catching up to do and have some interesting articles to post at this blog..... Thanks for your patience.

It is hard to believe that it has now been 73 years as of today when the criminals in the Allied "leadership" during World War II ordered the brutal massacre of upwards of 1/2 million innocent civilians in the German city of Dresden via fire bombing of that historic city.... It was an atrocity and an act of cold blooded murder when you do consider the real facts that Dresden was of NO military value at all and in fact was harboring some million civilians that had fled the Russian army advances to the east.... I am of course honoring those victims of this tragedy so that people never forget about our real history.

I came across the following article that comes from the excellent website "Birth Of A New Earth" at that gives homage to the victims of the Dresden firebombing, and I want to share that article here with my own readers... The article is entitled: In Honor Of My Ancestors That Died In Dresden Germany At The Behest Of The Hateful Jews", and I have it right here for all to see for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:



"Every 13-15 of February, we observe the fire-bombing of Dresden by the Allied forces. German men, women and children murdered by fire whose memories are never forgotten."

"Tomorrow is the tragic remembrance of the holocaust of Dresden Germany.
Never (only possibly paralleled by the atomic bombs used on Japan) has their been a more sadistic, merciless slaughter of civilian men, women, and children. A classical European city reduced to embers and rubble by Jewish directed “allied” bombers with SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS to create a monstrous tornado of fire that could incinerate an entire large city. Civilians were helplessly sucked into the flames as well as entire families huddled in basements, liquified into oil from the relentless, murderous heats.
The waves of bombers were scrambled in a way that as medical personnel and survivors emerged from the wreckage, the next wave would come in.

The strategy was CLEARLY PUNITIVE and was vastly different than any other strategies employed. Even animals that escaped the city zoo were hunted and gunned down as they ran in chaos.

As the attack was “allied”....

It is also clearly based on the evidence I, and many others have found that “allied” forces were directed by the same group of Jewish despots that control the fates of all other nations enmeshed in similar wars.

I recommend watching HELLFIRE to maybe gain some perspective on this very UN-AMERICAN LIKE murder of civilians."

~Jeffery Johannsen

Source Article by Michael Hoffman
The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday

It was Shrove Tuesday, 1945 in the magnificent German art city of Dresden, which was packed with helpless Christian refugees fleeing the Red Army of the Stalinist USSR. Dresden’s native Lutheran and Catholic children, dressed in their festive Saxon folk costumes, were aboard a train taking them home after Mardi Gras parties at different points in the far-flung city. Still merry from the night’s festivities, they cavorted on the train prior to Ash Wednesday, February 14, and the solemnities that would be observed even in wartime, in memory of the passion and death of Jesus. In the sky Allied fighter planes caught sight of the civilian train and opened fire on the children inside, whose blood was soon pouring out of the wreckage.

This carnage registers almost not at all in the American mind. The holocaust in Dresden, lasting two days and killing at least 100,000 people, like the atomic holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, usually merits not much more than a few sentences or a single paragraph in the back pages of metropolitan newspapers, unlike “Yom HaShoah (יום השואה) Holocaust Remembrance Day,” in April, which is observed with countless civic, educational and media events, hosannahs, apologies and genuflections, from the Vatican to the White House. The barely remembered German and Japanese victims of Allied war crimes were of the wrong race and religion.

In the spring of 1945, after prosecuting the bombing holocaust against every major German city, and with the end of the Second World War in sight in Europe, Winston Churchill began to consider his reputation in the post-war period, when the 500,000 German innocents he ordered incinerated could come back to haunt him and stain his prestige. On March 28, 1945 he issued a deceitful, back-stabbing memo blaming the mass incineration on his own Bomber Command and by insinuation, upon its commander Arthur Harris, whose force would be denied a post-war campaign medal, and Harris a peerage. Harris and Bomber Command had been only following Winston Churchill’s explicit orders, yet Churchill attempted to shift responsibility onto the corps of airmen who had suffered among the highest casualties of any branch of the British military.

Churchill, like many others, endeavored to blame Germany for being the first to saturate civilians with terror-bombs —at Guernica in Spain on behalf of Franco’s forces, and in Rotterdam, during the war with Holland. In both cases Churchill stated that thousands had been killed. Even one death is regrettable of course, but less than 100 people were killed in Guernica according to historian David Irving, and less than a thousand in Rotterdam, when the Luftwafe accidentally struck a margarine factory and the flammable liquid burned houses nearby. Churchill had said “thousands” died in Guernica, and that 30,000 perished in Rotterdam, which is more than what Deborah Lipstadt says died in the two-day inferno in Dresden (the absurdly low figure of 25,000 is now the officially fixed count to which the “news media” comform without deviation).

The Germans had pledged not to be the first to bomb civilian centers in Britain. Churchill had hoped they would carpet bomb London to give him the excuse to silence the large peace movement in England which was dogging him in 1940, at a time when the Germans had not dropped a single bomb on London, almost a year after Britain had declared war on Germany. The British Prime Minister obtained his pretext toward the end of August, 1940, when a lone, wayward German bomber “lost its way flying up the Thames” river. It had orders to attack an oil refinery, but instead dropped its bombs on London’s East End. No one was killed thankfully, but Churchill was elated. He had the excuse he needed to massively retaliate against Berlin, knowing Hitler would respond in kind, and that the British peace movement would vanish in the smoke and flames of the “Battle of Britain” and the “Blitz.” Churchill ordered a hundred bombers to attack Berlin. Royal Air Force (RAF) commanders warned him that the Luftwaffe would do the same to London.

At this juncture we pause to contemplate the bloody treason that was at the heart of Churchill’s soul: he wanted as many of his own English civilians in London to die as possible, so he could point to their deaths as the justification for a total war against Germany, and he succeeded in his objective.

To this day the war crime the leaders of Britain and the United States perpetrated in Dresden is justified on the basis of the tired fable that “Germany did it first to Rotterdam and Guernica,” and “Look at the terror the Germans visited upon London.” Nothing that occurred in Guernica, Rotterdam, or for that matter London, begins to even approach the scale of the holocaust that the firebombs of the air forces of Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt inflicted on Dresden.

On September 4, 1940 Hitler gave a speech in which he stated that if the “mad drunkard” Churchill continued to attack Berlin, the Germans were not going to stand by and take it. It was Neanderthal thinking on the führer’s part: you club me over the head and I will club you. Hitler was almost always outfoxed by the clever machinations of the masonic treachery at the heart of Britain’s ruling class. No matter what Churchill ordered, Hitler should have limited his air campaign to British military sites and munitions factories (the Luftwaffe never bothered to attack the factories that built Britain’s Lancaster bombers).

On September 6 the English people heard the ominous drone of a fleet of Luftwaffe bombers flying up the Thames. Some 3,000 Londoners subsequently died. Now Churchill had what he wanted. You won’t find these facts in the multi-volume history he wrote, or in the pages of the work of the conformist historians. To learn the truth one must read and study the revisionists, particularly the demonized David Irving, the preeminent military historian of World War II in the Atlantic theatre.

Irving’s nemesis, Deborah Lipstadt meanwhile, has taken it upon herself to deny the holocaust casualty figure of 100,000 for Dresden, but God help any one of us who would have the temerity to doubt the Six Million casualty figure of Holocaustianity, or even to apply the word “holocaust” to what happened in Dresden.

I challenge any reader to collect the legacy media’s descriptions of the bombing of Dresden from the 1990s onward and count how many term it a holocaust. The extent to which we are imprisoned in an Orwellian dystopia of our own making is revealed when we consider the fact that it is regarded as highly insensitive or indeed “anti-Semitic” to violate the self-appointed Newspeak holocaust trademark appropriated by the Holy People, and apply it to the German cities that were incinerated, or to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even though those war crimes were genuine holocausts by dictionary definition: “Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire. Origin: Greek holokauston, from holos ‘whole’ and kaustos ‘burned.”

Even in the liturgy of Holocaustianity it is not decreed that most Judaic victims of the Nazis perished by fire. A half-million German civilians and three-quarters of a million Japanese civilians (including the victims of the fire-bombing of Toyko), were indeed burned to death, yet it is a thought crime to say so. Tell me we are not all cowards for allowing truth itself to be forbidden. We live in Talmudic times.

This writer is sometimes accused, as a researcher in the field of the Babylonian Talmud, of seeing the Talmud where it is not. It is not so much the Talmudic texts themselves that we observe in our society, but the results of their influence. The single most remarkable dimension of Talmudic halacha is its narcissistic exceptionalism, born of the self-worship it inculcates. Prof. Lipstadt, who has made an career out of stigmatizing anyone who doubts any aspect of the “Holocaust” narrative, as a diabolic “Holocaust denier,” is free to deny, without negative consequences, the holocaust in Dresden, because of her exceptional status as one of the Holy People. She may do as she likes with history, in ways that the rest of us may not. For that reason alone we cannot respect the religion of Holocaustianity. It is not history. It is a product of Talmudic megalomania. Few of us tolerate fanatical egoism from Catholics, Protestants or Muslims. The very idea raises our secular indignation and “Separation of Church (or Mosque) and State!” is our cry, in the face of it. But to shout “Separation of Synagogue and State!” in nations where Holocaustianity is the last truly believed state religion in the otherwise agnostic West, would be unthinkable for anyone who valued their reputation, employment, personal safety, or in Europe, freedom from incarceration.

Beyond the “Jew and gentile” entanglement is the fratricide: Churchill and his top military circle were not Judaic, yet they set afire the medieval cities of their German cousins, who only two generations before had comprised the royal blood within the House of the German-speaking Queen Victoria.

A thousand years of national and religious wars in Europe had not managed to wreak the destruction which Mr. Churchill and U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt directed against the cultural treasure houses of western civilization, in cities like Dresden. They tossed a match into Dresden as casually as a drooling meth addict would torch an apartment building for revenge on the landlord who had evicted him.

Yet “conservative Christian” American university professors and administrators in institutions of higher learning such as Michigan’s esteemed Hillsdale College, which is the recipient of millions of dollars in donations from “Conservatives” seeking to preserve western civilization, have hallowed Churchill into a paragon of decency, courage and western leadership. This view of this mass murdering vandal is such a defect of vision as to be fatal spiritually, culturally and politically on a national scale.

If the powers that be decided, for example, that Russia needed to be fire-bombed, given sufficient pretext our “Conservatives” would do it all over again in the name of “civilization.” The blood of the innocent in Moscow and St. Petersburg would signify no more to the Hillsdale College type of crusaders than the charred bodies of the civilians in the apocalyptic wreckage of Dresden.

American civilization in 2018 is not worthy of the name. We have the illusion of a civilization, which we cherish for our own aggrandizement and nostalgia. “Conservative” America has made common cause with the Talmudic mentality, as did Antonin Scalia, another of its plaster saints.

At the start of Lent 2018, seventy-three years after the Allies’ mass murder in Dresden, we inhabit the money changer’s house, where Christ on the Cross is sold not just for a buck, but for a bucket of Talmudic vindication.

NTS Notes: Yes, Dresden was indeed a tragedy for all mankind, and we can see now who exactly was to blame for that act of cold calculated murder...

Again, Dresden was of no military value at all to either the Allies or the Russians by February 1945... In fact that city was overburden by that time by the flood of refugees fleeing the steady Russian advances to the east of Germany... It therefore can easily be stated with facts that the city was indeed ordered to be "fire bombed" for the willful murder of innocent people....  The murders at Dresden definitely was a severe war crime and both Churchill and FDR are indeed war criminals for this atrocity...

One other note... I did indeed have many distant relatives that lived in Germany during the time of the second World War, but luckily none were present at Dresden during this fire bombing... HOWEVER, according to what my late father told me years ago, several great aunts and uncles of mine did perish in the similar "fire bombing" of Hamburg in 1943, so I can understand how the author of this article at Birth Of A New Earth must feel about losing relatives in this tragedy...

More to come