Friday, December 2, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Syrian Government Forces Progress In Recapturing Aleppo!

I continue to watch the war in Syria unfold, and have indeed been watching the steady progress made in the Syrian government forces and their Russian and Arabic allies in recapturing the city of Aleppo... The news continues to be better and better by the day as the so called "rebels" are almost out of both food and ammunition and are in fact days from either surrendering or being destroyed....

Right now, I want to present a great article from the Southfront website, at, that shows the steady progress made by the good guys against these murderous mercenaries still holed up in what is an ever shrinking pocket in eastern Aleppo... Here is that article right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves, and it does indeed show a true map of the battle for Aleppo (and not the bullshit coming from the Jew spew media)....... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:



  • On November 17, Syrian government forces attacked Aqrab;
  • On November 20, the Syrian army and Hezbollah took control of the most part of Aqrab, seized Tal Zuhur, a number of points in Hanano Neighborhood and Old Sheikh Najjar Industrial area;
  • On November 21, Government forces are in control of about 90% of Aqrab
  • On November 22, government forces are in contol of al-Assad neighborhood, 1070 Apartment Project, Aqrab and Hikma;
  • On November 28, the army took control of Inzarat, Haydariyah, Ayn at-Tal, Ba’edin, Hellok, Jabal Badro, Sakhur and surrounded Sheikh Kheder. At the same day, Sheikh kheder was liberated;
  • On November 29, government forces are advancing in the neighborhoods of Turbet Lala and Tareeq al-Bab;
  • On November 30, government forces took control over Sheikh Sa’eed, the Sadcop Fuel Depot, the Ma’saraniyah Youth Housing;
  • On December 1, government forces continued attacks against militants in Karam al-Jazmati, Karam al-Tarab, Amiriyah and Sikarry and in Bustan al-Qasr;
  • On December 2, the Syrian army and its allies withdrew from Sheikh Saeed. Later this day, government forces took over a half of Al-Myassar Jazmati.

NTS Notes:  I am of course cheering on the Syrian forces as they retake Aleppo... For once again the reality is that once Aleppo does fall, the sick US/Israel/NATO criminal attempt to have Syria destroyed and President Bashar al-Assad deposed will have been defeated!   It will be a great victory for the entire planet for it will indeed show that these criminals can indeed be beaten....

I am also surprised that the liars in our governments and the Jew spew media continue to try to paint this battle for the retaking of Aleppo as being a "capturing" of that great city... The reality has always been that the US fraud mercenaries and insurgents seized the eastern part of Aleppo some 4 years ago and have brutally controlled that part and its citizens for that long a time frame...  The Syrian army and its allies are not "conquerers" in this battle for Aleppo, but are indeed FREEING that city from these murderers that have indeed been slaughtering the civilians under their control and using them illegally as "human shields" against the Syrian army!

Again, it will indeed be a great moral and psychological victory for all Syrians and the entire world that wants real freedom when Aleppo is finally freed.... That day cannot come soon enough...

More to come


Exposing The Global Warming AKA "Climate Change" FRAUD: Global Warming/Climate Change - What's It All About!

I am back.... I am finally feeling so much better than I had earlier this week... Honestly, I HATE being sick and I do everything possible to fight off all colds/infections/headaches/etc by using a lot of natural methods... I try to avoid the concoctions sold to us as "medicine" most times and absolutely do NOT ever and I do mean EVER allow quacks to inject their poisonous vaccines into my body... But every once in a while I come in contact with someone that has a severe illness, such as my own son when he came down with the flu last weekend, and eventually it does get into my own system... Luckily I did fight this off and again, I am so much better now...

OK, it has been a long while since I last put up any articles concerning one of my favourite "pet peeves" and that is of course the FRAUD known as "climate change" aka "Global Warming"... I am so surprised these days in fact about how our own stupid and most criminal governments are still pushing this fraud and have of course all signed off recently on the equally fraudulent "Paris Accords on Climate Change" which is nothing more than ok'ing the THEFT of their own people through the ridiculous idea of imposing 'carbon taxes'... And yet here we are with so many people still stupid enough to believe that mankind is somehow "overheating the planet" and are so willing to accept this new form of illegal taxation through the psychology of fear.....

Well, I came across a most interesting article from a website called "A Project Humanbeingsfirst Document" at, that is a very good document that explains in great detail the fraud of "climate change" and how it is linked to the equally fraudulent and most dangerous "Agenda 21" protocols.... I have the link to that article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have said many times in the past that the fraud of "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" has always been linked to the criminal Jewish elite that wants to impose their horrific Agenda 21 protocols and agenda on us all.....  And that agenda is definitely to reduce the world's population from the present 7.4 BILLION estimate to around 500-600 million... These criminals have always said that is necessary to achieve "sustainable development" for the planet, but to me their true agenda is absolutely to reduce the world's population to make it easier for them to use and control us as their slaves.....

Lets face facts.. Our governments are indeed about to impose their fraud "carbon taxes" on us all, and most people still do not understand that it is indeed a scam... The world is absolutely NOT "overheating" as they continue to falsely claim and in fact all indications are that we are about to enter a long cooling period that will see near record cold temperatures during our winters... Most nations have in fact put in place their own agendas for the fraud of Global Warming and are ill prepared for what will really happen when their "heat" controls are useless against intense cold....

Everyone should do their part to get the truth about this fraud to those who are still firm believers in such bullshit... Please take this information and spread it around... Its time to put this fraud of "Climate Change" aka "Global Warming" out of its misery once and for all...

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Am Back... Time For A Mini Rant

Yes, I am back.... Well almost... I still have a bit of a fever and still have a bit of body chills.. But apparently the worse is now behind me...

I figure that since I have missed out so much over the last few days, that I would start by putting up a "mini rant" to give my own thoughts on what the hell is happening right now around the world...

About Jill Stein and her vain attempt to disrupt the US election process...  Lets be honest here, for this  Jewess is indeed in this for not only the money but for her friend and fellow Jew, Killlary Clinton... This is indeed an act of desperation on the part of the Jewish criminals in America to put their queen Killary into the oval office by a "back door"... Apparently they are indeed trying to manipulate the Electoral College by disrupting the Electoral rules for the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and even Pennsylvania... However, this attempt seems to have hit the proverbial road block for a judge in Pennsylvania has now thrown out crazy Jill's attempt to disrupt Pennsylvania and possibly force its 20 votes out of Drumpf's 306 total... That and her trying to ruin both Wisconsin's and Michigan's number of 26 total would have possibly knocked Donald's total to around 260 electoral votes... Anyone can do the math and now realize that with this "switch" to Killary for these electoral college votes, this evil witch will now have her 270+ electoral number and she will be the President!

Well lo and behold, but I just read today that some "25000" missing votes for Killary Clinton have "miraculously" been found in Pennsylvania supposedly today, and with that astounding and magical find, and if someone is actually stupid enough to think that they are legitimate, then Killary wins Pennsylvania and is within striking distance of stealing the entire election..... Honestly if the American people are this stupid to allow this to happen, then they deserve to have their entire republic destroyed at the hands of the Clinton crime family......  The only hope for America if Killary steals the election is indeed a revolution and YES, I will state it here... If Killary Clinton somehow becomes the President, then the American people must rise up and overthrow their illegitimate government!

About Russia influencing America's media and people.....  Lets face the reality here, for the Russians had absolutely nothing to do with the American election and the fraud process to begin with.. All of the manipulation was being done by George Soros and other evil Jewish pricks that want America to continue to be a slave nation for Jewish criminal enterprises.   The American people have finally realized that their own media is nothing but crooked liars along with their own  corrupt government and it has nothing to do with the Russians at all.... It is in fact so laughable that the American people would somehow fall for the bullshit that the "Russians" are behind Donald Drumpf's election victory, and it is a sad excuse for the fact that most Americans realize how truly evil and insane Killary Clinton truly is and that the nation did indeed need a brand new direction..... Therefore to blame Russia is nothing but reaching for the lamest excuses possible for evil actions by crooked people....

About Donald Drumpf and his cabinet choices.... Look, I am still no fan of Drumpf at all (one of the reasons why I still call him by his original German family name of Drumpf rather than "Trump") for I look at him as a Jew controlled lackey that will be under their control as the next President... I for one am not too happy by some of his choices for his new cabinet, and I like others do not like the idea of criminals like Mitt Romney or even Rudy Giuliani anywhere near the White House... If Donald does indeed want to prove himself as a man of the people and really wanting to "Make America Great Again" then he must steer away from crooks, Jewish pricks, and other neocons for his team.... We will indeed see very soon who he chooses as his Secretary of State and other key offices... And for god sake, he must work to curtail the insane machinations of his own Vice President, Pense, who sometimes comes across almost as crazy as Killary Clinton!

About Syria and the imminent fall of Aleppo....  OK, the good guys are now in the process of wiping out what is left of the American bought and paid for murderous mercenaries holed up in the ever shrinking pocket in eastern Aleppo, and with that victory, Assad and the people of Syria can indeed rejoice for the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal has been soundly beaten.... But once again the cabal are sore losers, for we find the US Jewish criminal Secretary of State, John Kohn, trying at this very hour to save the US mercenaries in Aleppo from being slaughtered, by almost begging the Russians for a ceasefire... Good luck to that, John, for you are playing a high stakes game of Poker with the Russians and the best hand you have is a busted flush!

I am indeed waiting for the word that the eastern part of Aleppo has finally fallen to the Syrian government forces, and will gladly post up a congratulatory article here when that happens... Everyone who wants to see the criminal cabal get their asses soundly beaten should applaud when that happens as well...

About Turkey and Erdogan's stupid statement on Assad...To me, Erdogan has a big mouth and shoots from the lip without even thinking first about what he is saying... For him to make such a ridiculous statement that he has invaded Syria to overthrow Assad is so bewildering considering that he is supposedly desperate to make peace with Syria's major ally, Russia and has been in talks with the Russians for months now.... The man is indeed risking direct confrontation with Russia where Turkey will be the loser.... And supposedly the Russians did not take too kindly either to Erdogan's ridiculous statement for even today they have demanded that Turkey explain themselves and exactly where they do stand in regards to Syria....

I too was just as bewildered as everyone else by Erdogan's stupid statement, for if it is true, then Turkey will indeed be at war with both Syria and Russia soon and it could lead to a world war due to Turkey being a NATO state!   BUT I began to look elsewhere for the reasoning for Erdogan's statement, and it may lie in Turkey stupidly wanting to join the failing European Union.  Erdogan may indeed have threatened Syria's President Assad to try to show the European Union's leaders who have long wanted Assad removed that he was on their side and "one of them"... He therefore is  hoping to gain favour with those EU leaders so that they will welcome Turkey into their fold.... If this is true, then Erdogan had better be careful of what he is wishing for, for the European Union has long been nothing more than the criminal Rothschild's first attempt at a one world government, and right now most members are watching their own people vote for their freedom from its criminal control!

About The "Battle For Mosul".... I am standing behind my statements already that this entire 'assault' on Mosul is a sham and for nothing more than pure propaganda to perpetuate the entire fraudulent 'war on terror'..... As I said before, anyone with any intelligence can see that there is something wrong to begin with when the city of Mosul, with its 1.8 MILLION inhabitants supposedly fell some 4 years ago to a "rag tag" force of fraud US controlled "ISIS" forces numbering less than 2000!   And I am still waiting for someone to explain how such a small force of "jihadists" were able to run a city with again 1.8 MILLION inhabitants for the last 4 years?  Who brought in the supplies for these people including food for the last 4 years?.   And now we have this news of the impending "liberation" of that city from "ISIS" with all the news showing the US backed Iraqi forces moving into this city that has now some "15000" ISIS fighters.  I am still wondering WHERE all of these '15000' ISIS fighters have suddenly and magically come from when they supposedly evacuated out of the city and high tailed it over to Syria about two months ago?  The numbers alone do not add up, and what I see here is indeed pure propaganda bullcrap and something that the LIARS in the Jew spew media and our crooked governments are using to again perpetuate the fraud "war on terror".....  Therefore again until someone can answer these facts that I have presented, I am calling bullshit on this 'Attack on Mosul'.

Well,  I guess that is it for now..... I am going to go and get some much needed rest, and continue taking some great natural medications and of course never ever going to get a poisonous 'flu shot'..... I am crossing my fingers that I will be so much better by tomorrow....

More to come


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Northerntruthseeker A Bit Under The Weather


Yes, I have been MIA these last few days.... Two days ago, I started getting a high fever and a lot of body chills... I crossed my fingers that hopefully I did not catch the "bug" that my son had over the weekend, and I was hoping that I would not suffer from the flu like symptoms that he had... But no dice, for yesterday I was as sick as a dog..

And this is not sinusitis or any kind of head cold... It does appear I have a bout of Influenza on my hands...

Yes, the timing is perfect as so much is now heating up around the world.... But of course I need a bit of rest before I start doing a few articles here.... Hopefully by tomorrow these symptoms will pass and I will be back to my usual self..

In the meantime, I again recommend that everyone take a look at the fabulous material presented by those bloggers that I call the "Best Bloggers that I know" and I have listed in the right hand column of this blog..... Their work is astounding and a must see by everyone..

I will be back, and thanks everyone for your patience..

More to come


Monday, November 28, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates From Aleppo -Fantastic News As Syrian Forces Have Liberated The North Side Of East Aleppo Pocket!

Over the last few days, the Syrian government forces and their Russian and Arabic allies have intensified their ground operations against the criminal murderous US bought and paid for mercenaries still holed up in eastern Aleppo.... These attacks have indeed signaled that the Syrian government is absolutely NOT going to listen any more to the lies of the US and their criminal allies, as these criminals are once again begging the good guys for another "ceasefire" to try to save their criminals holed up in eastern Aleppo... And from the reports over the last few days, the Syrian government forces are making fantastic headway finally against these criminals!  The fall of Aleppo may now indeed be only a few days away...

Right now, I want to present a great article from the AMN News site, at, that includes a correct and updated map of the present situation in Aleppo (not the BS maps that the criminal Jew spew news outlets try to push...) and shows definitely that the battle for Aleppo is in its final stages and the city will indeed be free shortly... Here is the link to that article, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The maps do not lie... The northern part of the pocket is now under government control and the rebels are on the run now with NOWHERE to hide...

It is indeed a fact that as the Syrian government forces have been liberating Aleppo, the civilians that have been trapped and used illegally as "human shields" in the eastern pocket have also been freed and have been fleeing into the government forces hands by the thousands....  BUT amazingly enough, the liars in the Jew spew media are at it again and trying to paint a completely different picture as to exactly what is happening in Aleppo right now..... Here is a link to a South Front news article that shows how the Jew spew media is in an outrage and continues to lie their asses off as the good guys are liberating Aleppo:

WHY am I not surprised that the Jew spew media is lying their asses off about exactly what is happening in Aleppo right now?  These criminals have had the audacity to claim over the last few weeks that we in the alternative media are the FAKE NEWS, when here we have absolute de facto evidence that it is THEY who are indeed the "fake news" and we are the real truth!

Again, It does make me laugh as the liars in the Jew spew media are harping the lie that the civilians are "fleeing" AWAY from the government forces when the reality is that they are fleeing the murderous "rebels" that have held them as hostages for the last 6 months at least and into the arms of the government forces....

Yes, the battle to liberate Aleppo is now in its final stages and victory is now within days reach for the Syrians.... When Aleppo finally falls, I will indeed have that report here for all to see... Stay tuned..

More to come


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 27th, 2016


Sunday... Last Sunday in the month of November, and once again time for my weekly rant..

As most readers are now aware, I have made some significant changes to the design and layout of this blog.... I basically had the same layout for almost 5+ years running and I periodically got some comments and emails saying that it had got a bit "stale" and was sometimes hard to read... Well, last weekend I started toying around with the settings and the configuration and lo and behold but I basically fucked up my entire blog!  It took me hours to figure out what I did wrong, but at that point the damage had been done and I basically could not go back to the old settings but had to proceed forward and take a shot with the settings you see now.... Believe it or not, but so many people are now saying that they like the new format now and that I should not change a thing!  I hope that everyone is satisfied with the present layout of this blog now and I will leave it as is.....

OK, I was asked this week what my view was on this "Pizzagate" pedophilia exposure that was supposedly all over the alternative news sites... OK, from what I see, we may be dealing with a "red herring" here and may in fact be the Jew spew media fighting back against the alternative media by putting up this garbage to see if any of the real truth movement sites bite.... Some did, while others like myself smelled a rat and are basically waiting to see if more real truthful information surfaces before we put up our own comments and articles.... I am still waiting, and apparently I was indeed correct in not jumping into this story, for it indeed does not add up at all....

Look, people by now must understand that Pedophilia and government officials goes hand in hand.. People so quickly forget that the US government has always been involved in pedophilia, especially with the evidence that some major US organizations such as "Boys Town" actually provided young children for US government officials to ruin for decades.... Child molestation also does not stop with our crooked governments and goes even higher with that Royal bitch fraud on the British Throne running her own child molestation and pedophilia ring for decades as well.....Therefore if "Pizzagate" is proven to be real, it is only the tip of the iceberg concerning Governments and their sick sexual perversions....

Well, apparently the US "selection" is not over, for now we see that the so called "third party" representative, JEWESS Jill Stein has now very magically accumulated the necessary millions of dollars over the space of only a few days to call for a "recount" in some key US states that voted for Donald Drumpf and therefore have to have their Electoral Colleges cast their votes for Drumpf as well shortly.... THIS may be the last ditch attempt by Killary Clinton's sick and demented camp of fools to switch the entire US selection for her to be named President of the United States... There are two key issues that I found amazing about this, and one is the fact that Jewess Jill Stein would even support such a demon as Killary, but that makes sense considering the fact that the criminal Jewish tribe always supports their own...And second, the fact that this "recount" is only in states that voted for Drumpf.  What about all those states that "voted" for Killary?  I do not see anyone wanting a recount or a full analysis of the Clinton 'votes' in those states, for such investigations would indeed expose the fact that Killary's vote tallies were indeed fraudulent!   It is so amazing to see this happen now, and shows once again how crooked and corrupt the American electoral system truly is....

And what about the new President-elect Donald Drumpf?  I seem to recall that Drumpf himself called for so many major changes to be made once he was selected as the next President, and these issues were indeed the reason why so many people actually voted for this criminal... But now we see the real Donald Drumpf come out for everyone to see where he is turning his back on his own campaign promises!   One in particular I find astounding, and that is Donald Drumpf no longer wanting to prosecute Killary Clinton for her crimes of high treason against the United States of America....

For Donald Drumpf to no longer seek prosecution means that someone indeed got to him and warned him to not pursue criminal charges against Killary... I would assume that Donald was warned that if Killary was charged, she would indeed squeal and turn all of Washington DC upside down exposing every crooked politician in the US government....BUT this is indeed what is necessary to actually "drain the swamp" as Drumpf has always stated he would do as President!   Everyone who has voted for Drumpf absolutely wants to see him take charge in America and rid the republic of all the scoundrels, criminals, and especially the Jewish "neocons" that have done their damnest to destroy the nation, and indeed this is Donald's chance by first going after the worse criminal imaginable, Killary Clinton herself.... If Drumpf refuses and backs away from this, his major campaign platform, then he is indeed exposing himself as just another crooked politician... We will see.....

The situation in Syria is quickly changing even as I write this rant.... The good guys, the Syrian government forces and their allies, have indeed made major headway in the battle for eastern Aleppo, especially with new reports that came out just yesterday that much of the "terrorist" resistance in the northern part of the pocket has now collapsed...Syrian government forces are now moving rapidly against reduced opposition and are about to split the pocket into at least two pieces.. Once that happens the city itself will fall to the Syrian government within days.... That will indeed be great news...

What is troubling to me about the war for Syria is the sudden escalation of the conflict by Turkey itself... There were reports coming out late last week of Syrian forces clashing directly with Turkish forces in both Latakia and Aleppo provinces.... Most reports have shown that the Turks themselves have instigated these battles, and it does make one wonder what the hell Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is up to?  Erdogan has spent weeks trying to make peace with the Russians and has been avoiding all confrontation with the Syrian government forces until now...... This major confrontation and sudden escalation of the entire war does raise an interesting question in what will the Russians now do with the Turks in open conflict with their Syrian allies?

One issue that was brought to my attention from a fellow Canadian blogger, Greencrow, was the fact that unbeknown to the majority of Americans is the fact that the criminals in the US Congress and Senate have indeed passed a new motion calling for a de facto "no fly zone" to be introduced over Syria itself.... Yes, we have not seen this criminal action by the US imposed yet over Syria as they are indeed searching for a way to have it implemented.... But the facts are that if the US is indeed stupid enough to try to put this "no fly zone" in place, they will almost instantly be at war with the Russian Federation itself...... The question becomes therefore, is this the final act of insanity by the Barry Soetoro regime by launching the US into an un-winnable war against Russia itself?   And we have the fact that incoming President-elect Drumpf is indeed NOT wanting a war with Russia, but wanting to do business, and therefore if Barry wants his war, he will indeed try to have it going within the next 50 days of his lame duck administration.... Hopefully the American people will see what is happening here, and will stop the insanity before it goes too far......

And what about Mosul?   I did read some of the garbage coming out of the Jew spew media late last week where their "reports" were stating that the "battle for Mosul" was now down to street to street battles in the city itself against a somehow "reinforced" ISIS force!   When I read about this sudden change in the number of "ISIS combatants" in Mosul from initially some 5000 or less, to now over "15000", I had to laugh... People must understand that this jump in "ISIS forces" in Mosul exposes the entire operation as a fraud, for the question must be that everyone should be asking: HOW did ISIS suddenly reinforce their numbers in Mosul?.... The facts are that the only route available (supposedly) for any reinforcements for the "embattled ISIS forces" in that city had to come through a narrow corridor from the west over desert land that would be fully exposed to US airforce fighters and bombers (sort of reminiscent of the videos of brand newToyota trucks driven by ISIS not attacked by US helicopters).... Therefore this "reinforcement" is a sham for if it was true and these reinforcements did make it into Mosul, then the US itself allowed these forces in unmolested to any attacks!.....It also again shows how this entire "Mosul attack" is a sham and nothing more than pure US  bullshit propaganda being used to sell the equally bullshit "war on terror" to gullible saps and fools.....

OK, why am I not in the least bit shocked by all of the reports about much colder temperatures and "polar vortexes" forming over the Northern Hemisphere?  The real laugher is how the criminals at NASA and the US national weather services are still calling this year, 2016, the 'warmest' year on record, when everything absolutely shows otherwise..... What we may yet see is indeed some of the coldest winters on record over the next few years as our Sun's solar radiation output continues to diminish on its way towards a new "solar minimum"...... And yet, here we are with so many of our governments, and especially the idiots up here in Canada in the Trudeau regime, now trying to find ways of imposing their new "carbon taxes" on their own citizens...... Some reports in fact here in Canada are stating that the new "tax" will fleece an additional 3-4 thousand dollars out of the average Canadian family of 4 annually, which in itself is not only a fleece but an outright robbery.... And yet, so many people have indeed swallowed the bullshit of Global Warming and Climate Change that they will be willing to hand over their hard earned money without any question..... The biggest crime is that this "carbon tax" in itself will NOT stop any form of "Global Warming" period, and will only go towards government coffers and more spending and waste.....

I was indeed shocked a few days ago when I received an email from my friend and ally in this fight, Whitewraithe, stating that she was basically quitting, said "farewell" to me, and was turning over control of her Pragmatic Witness website to myself... I put out a few articles here and over at Pragmatic Witness just the other day stating that she was going on a "hiatus" and that I was now going to take over both sites and continue putting out articles... But lo and behold, but just today I received a new email from her stating that what had happened was basically a "false alarm", that she is ok, and that I need not worry about her!   I sent her a reply stating that she should take a bit of time off just to regroup and work out her issues and then come back to writing when she is ready.....  She has had an enormous amount of physical and emotional issues over the last while that have caused her great stress and this break would indeed do her good... In the meantime I will indeed do as I stated and try to post articles and updates at both sites.....  I never had any intention of ruining or modifying Pragmatic Witness, and that site will be hers once she is back....

OK, I guess that is enough for the moment with some of the major "issues" of the last week... Of course I cannot cover everything in this rant but will indeed touch on other happenings from around the world right here in my usual "last minute tidbits".... As expected, all of those 'riots' in America that were indeed financed by George Soros and occurred right after the US Presidential "selection" have indeed died down.  But of course the criminals are changing their tactics now to get Queen Killary selected by having this scam "vote recount" take place.  Hopefully the American people are indeed onto this latest scam.......I see as expected the scoundrels over at Google, Apple, Facebook, and a few other criminal organizations are indeed launching their attempts to shut down the alternative media by falsely labeling it as "fake news".  But their attacks will be to no avail thanks to most people finally understanding that these scoundrels ARE in fact the fake news themselves!.....  I again must ask WHY anyone has a "Facebook" or even a "Twitter" account knowing that they are run by Jewish scoundrels and will do anything to censor the real truth in news?  It is indeed time to shut them down!........I see that Fidel Castro has died.  To me, this guy was neither a hero or a villain, but he did indeed stop Cuba from continuing to be a haven for American corruption once he took control of the island nation back in the 1950's and for the last 6 decades had Cuba be truly independent and not under criminal American influence.  That to me was a good thing.......  I saw a disturbing report this last week where supposedly the once great Royal Navy of the United Kingdom cannot even afford the missiles required for their own ships to operate and to fight with.  Supposedly and most ridiculously, with no missiles these ships are now supposed to use their guns for combat only, and therefore are now sitting ducks if they ever have to combat enemy ships armed with missiles.  My, how the mighty have truly fallen when you consider how the Royal Navy used to command the seas and now it is basically useless as a true fighting force........I see India and Pakistan are at it again by taking pot shots at each other's forces in the Kashmir region.  I do hope that cooler heads do prevail for both nations are of course well armed with nuclear weapons.........OK, the Kiev regime in Ukraine is really insane if they think they can hold live fire exercises over the Russian Federation territory of Crimea supposedly at the beginning of next month.  Apparently these US controlled fools are actually wanting a war with Russia, and I do wonder if this is a sick attempt to save their own collective asses for the economic mess they have turned Ukraine into?  Lets hope they are not that stupid, but we will see shortly........ Yes, apparently the illegal migrants that are flooding into Europe are carrying with them a wide variety of communicable diseases in their invasion.  I am again wondering if all of Europe has lost its collective minds in continuing to allow these criminals to come marching in and destroying their culture.  As I said before, send them all back to where they came from immediately!.....The war in Yemen continues unabated.  Nothing new here, other than the continuing spectre of a massive humanitarian crisis that could see thousands of Yemeni citizens starving to death.   And of course we can indeed blame the US for this fiasco in their vain support of the criminal Saudi regime.......Someone mentioned to me that the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup game is on today in Toronto.  Honestly, who cares?  The CFL is a bush league and especially when reports have come out of Toronto that the game is not only not a sell out and a disaster, but some pizza outlet in southern Ontario was giving away free Grey Cup tickets with a pizza order!  Bush league indeed..... Arsenal plays Bournemouth today in Premiere League soccer, and I am of course hoping for a Gunners win just to keep pace with league leading Chelsea.  I have my fingers crossed....... Well,  it appears the Kardashians are at it again, for apparently Khloe and my favourite skank Kim have the paparazzi ablaze by showing off their "fit" bodies for Kanye West's fashion line.  It just shows how a lot of plastic surgery and some liposuction works wonders for these trollops.  Yes, once again while America is still going down the economic toilet, the average American cannot help but go gaga over these idiots and misfits and their ridiculous antics.   I for one will never understand why....

More to come


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Something Big May About To Happen: Reports Of Possible Smallpox Outbreak In Refugee Camp In Bulgaria (They Could Not Get Their Zika Virus Scare To Work, So This Is "Plan B")

We all remember how last year we had the "Ebola virus outbreak" in Africa that definitely was an attempt to weaponize this very serious disease and possibly have it spread world wide... Well, even with the best research going on in that Bill Gates funded Bio-weapons laboratory in Sierra Leone to try to turn Ebola into a full communicable disease and possibly use it for a world wide epidemic, the criminals were highly unsuccessful and the Ebola virus "scare" fizzled out...

Next they tried another round of "pandemic" with earlier this year trying to get the Zika virus, which has long been known to hit a lot of people in the tropics and equatorial region, weaponized and possibly get a lot of people so frightened that they would line up like gullible sheep to accept the latest and greatest "vaccine" into their bodies... Well, after the initial scare and then falsely trying to attribute "Zika virus" to a rash of brain shrinkage amongst newborn babies (proven to be caused by the vaccines and not the virus itself..) that also fizzled out.....

Well, it did not take long before the criminals would try again to get stupid and gullible people to panic..... For according to this latest report from the Superstation95 website, at, apparently there has been confirmation of a Smallpox outbreak in a refugee camp in Bulgaria!  Here is that report, and there is something very suspicious about this "outbreak" and I will discuss that in my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

The camp, known as the Harmanli facility, is located near the Bulgarian border with Turkey and has been in operation for a number of years. Of the 3,000 current residents, most of whom are looking to move on to Western Europe, 128 of them have been diagnosed with serious illnessesfrom skin diseases to viral infections and even small poxreports Die Welt.
News agencies in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia are calling the lock down a quarantine and raise concerns of a potential epidemic within the camp; those on the ground deny that the diseases are spreading rapidly throughout the population.
Many of the migrants who traveled through Turkey to Bulgaria come from Syria where a strain of a flesh-eating skin disease had become rampant; though there are no reports of it in the camp, authorities remain cautious.
The quarantine was initiated in reaction to a protest by nationalists who raised concerns that many of the migrants were spreading diseases and harassing locals in the area. Protests were held by nationalists around the country in recent weeks including in Sofia, Jambol, and the Black Searesort town of Varna.
As the Balkans and other nations have secured their external borders against new waves of migrants, Bulgaria has become the last stop for many who come illegally from Turkey and the Middle East. The European Union (EU) reception centres for migrants in Bulgaria have become totally full as an estimated 13,000 are currently stranded in the country.
After the election of new Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and the resignation of the centre-right government under now-former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, its is thought the country may adopt a more independent migrant policy.
Bulgaria is one of the poorest nations within the EU and at the forefront of the migrant crisis. Earlier this summer, the government demanded  €160 million to secure its border with Turkey. Despite the lack of funding, some Bulgarian citizens have taken it upon themselves to patrol the border.
One such man is Hristo Atanasov who heads the “organisation for the protection of Bulgarian citizens.”  The group, and others like them, patrol the borders in their spare time looking for migrants and turn them over to police when apprehended. The patrol insists they have had great success with what they term “healthy walks” along the border.

This is no Accident: Smallpox was "Eradicated" except for Bio-Weapons Labs

The last cases of smallpox in the world occurred in an outbreak of two cases (one of which was fatal) in Birmingham, UK in 1978. A medical photographer, Janet Parker, contracted the disease at the University of Birmingham Medical School and died on September 11, 1978,
In light of this incident, all known stocks of smallpox were destroyed or transferred to one of two WHO reference laboratories which had BSL-4facilities — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States and the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR in Koltsovo, Russia.  Since 1984, these two labs have been the only ones authorized by the WHO to hold stocks of live smallpox virus.

In 1986, the WHO first recommended destruction of all virus, and later set the date of destruction to be 30 December 1993. This was postponed to 30 June 1999,then again to 30 June 2002. Due to resistance from the U.S. and Russia, in 2002 the World Health Assembly agreed to permit the temporary retention of the virus stocks for specific research purposes. Destroying existing stocks would reduce the risk involved with ongoing smallpox research; the stocks are not needed to respond to a smallpox outbreak. Some scientists have argued that the stocks may be useful in developing new vaccines, antiviral drugs, and diagnostic tests; A 2010 review by a team of public health experts appointed by the WHO, however, concluded that no essential public health purpose is served by the U.S. and Russia continuing to retain virus stocks. The latter view is frequently supported in the scientific community, particularly among veterans of the WHO Smallpox Eradication Program (1958–79).
Thanks to widespread vaccination programs in EVERY country of the world, as smallpox became effectively eradicated and the number of naturally occurring cases fell below the number of vaccine-induced illnesses and deaths, routine childhood vaccination was discontinued in the United States in 1972.  Vaccination was abandoned in most European countries in the early 1970s. Routine vaccination of health care workers was discontinued in the U.S. in 1976, and among military recruits in 1990 (although military personnel deploying to the Middle East and Korea still receive the vaccination).
Smallpox was declared "eradicated" by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1979
By 1986, there had been no cases of Naturally-Occurring Smallpox anywhere on this planet for years, so routine vaccination ceased in all countries. (The photographer and another person who contracted the disease in 1978 caught it at a laboratory.) 
The two last remnants of the virus that causes smallpox reside in government laboratories in the United States and Russia.  Those are the ONLY two places on this planet where the Smallpox virus could have come from.  At least, the only two AUTHORIZED places which still had the virus.
So the question now is, how did this new confirmed Smallpox infection occur and why did it take place in a "refugee" traveling from Turkey to Europe?  
This could very well be a case of state-sponsored bio-terrorism.  But who would do this?  In whose interest is it to infect Europe with Smallpox?


Transmission occurs through inhalation of airborne variola virus, usually droplets expressed from the oral, nasal, or pharyngeal mucosa of an infected person. It is transmitted from one person to another primarily through prolonged face-to-face contact with an infected person, usually within a distance of 6 feet (1.8 m), but can also be spread through direct contact with infected bodily fluids or contaminated objects (fomites) such as bedding or clothing. Rarely, smallpox has been spread by virus carried in the air in enclosed settings such as buildings, buses, and trains.

Prognosis: Often Fatal.

A case of smallpox, 1886
The overall case-fatality rate for ordinary-type smallpox is about 30 percent, but varies by pock distribution: ordinary type-confluent is fatal about 50–75 percent of the time, ordinary-type semi-confluent about 25–50 percent of the time, in cases where the rash is discrete the case-fatality rate is less than 10 percent. The overall fatality rate for children younger than 1 year of age is 40–50 percent. Hemorrhagic and flat types have the highest fatality ratesThe fatality rate for flat-type is 90 percent or greater and nearly 100 percent is observed in cases of hemorrhagic smallpox. The case-fatality rate for variola minor is 1 percent or less. There is no evidence of chronic or recurrent infection with variola virus.
In fatal cases of ordinary smallpox, death usually occurs between the tenth and sixteenth days of the illness.


No drug is currently approved for the treatment of smallpox.  If an un-vaccinated person receives a Vaccination within three days of becoming infected, they have a much better chance of survival, but since symptoms do not show up for up to TWELVE days, most people who are not already vaccinated are going to have a very tough time surviving.

This is a major, MAJOR story.   SuperStation95 will continue to monitor the situation and publish additional stories as information becomes available.  It may be a wise precaution for folks to spend a few dollars and obtain some N-100 filter masks to keep at home and in cars in case this virus "somehow" finds its way out of the refugee camp.  This stuff is deadlier than Ebola and spreads by air.  
SuperStation95 does NOT sell filter masks, but as a public service, above this news story we list sellers on who do sell such masks, for anyone who thinks it wise to have a few just in case.  Scroll up to the top of this page to see the filter masks available.

NTS Notes:  OK, here it is in a nutshell..... If this is indeed proven to be Smallpox, then something big may indeed be about to happen, and we may indeed be watching the beginnings of a new planned world wide pandemic....

The fact is that Smallpox has indeed been entirely irradiated since the 1990's and the only viruses on the planet are stored in bio-weapons facilities all over the planet...

Therefore, this "outbreak" stinks to high heaven, and has every indication of being done purposely....

Obviously, this outbreak is intentional, and I would definitely state it here that this was done absolutely to not only scare the populace, but to have them all line up like dumb ass sheep to take in the more deadly vaccines that will be promoted very soon to "combat" this outbreak!

Yes, the criminals that want both world control and a massive world wide population reduction are indeed diabolical... They failed to get their Ebola virus or their Zika virus weaponized to create a world wide pandemic, so now they are turning back to good ol' Smallpox that has indeed in the past wiped out so many innocent people....

I will be keeping tabs on this story and will bring more reports on this important news when it comes available... Stay tuned..

More to come